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Below are the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Please feel free to ask any questions you may still have after reading the community's info page and this page. This is the page where you should be asking any questions you may have. While I'll add certain crucial questions here as they come up, please also refer to the questions other people have asked as they may answer your own questions as well.

For character claims, can my icons include other people in them?
Yes, you're allowed to include other people in your icon as long as your claimed subject is in the icon too. However, this should not take up a majority of your icons. Rather, they may not consist of more than 20-25 of your total icons. The rest should consist of mainly your claimed character.

I no longer can/want to make icons for my subject. What should I do?
Let me know asap via the drop a claim post so that I can free up your subject for grabs again. If you truly want to continue making icons for your subject but need an extension, please also post there to let me know. You must state your reason and the amount of time you need. Depending on your request and the amount of demand there is for the subject, I will respond with either an approval or rejection of extension.

I really want to claim "----" but the subject is taken. What can I do?
This community offers a Wish/Waiting List where you can stake a claim to be next up when the subject is immediately freed. You may apply to be on the waiting list at the post Waiting/Wish List.

I've gone over my 3 month period without finishing my icons. What happens now?
If you've gone over your 3 month period (including any extensions you may have been granted), then you'll be removed from that claim and, at the same time, notified via e-mail or a comment in your LJ. If somebody on the Waiting/Wish List had been waiting for the claim, then it will be assigned to them. You're welcome to apply for the claim again (or put your name on the Waiting/Wish List if it's already taken), but once the claim is yours again, you must start your 100 icons over. You're not allowed to continue from where you left off. If you know you need an extention before your time is finished, apply for one!

Is animation allowed?
Everything goes here. The only requirements are that 50 of them have to follow the themes given on the info page. Doesn't matter if you want to do animations, text, no text, stillness...etc. That's all up to you.

Can we post two versions of icons made from the same base as two separate icons?
Using the same cap/base is allowed, yes, provided that you do significantly different things with it aside from just plainly changing the text on it.

Can I make 100 bases?
If by base, you mean, just a plain crop of a screencap with no edits done to them, then the answer is no. If, instead, you mean a cropped photo with effects, but without text, yes, that's fine.

I'm ready to post my icons. What do I need to know?
Nothing really. Just post your icons as you would at any other community. Tag your post with the tag you were given when approved. Though if you forget or don't know how that's fine. I will do it for you. If you don't know how to do an LJ cut or how to post your table in your entry, just ask a mod - we're always happy to help out.

Can we collaborate with a partner for these 100 icons?
No. Since everyone does the 100 icons by themselves, it's only fair that other people who join are also doing the 100 icons since it's a challenge for each person to make that much anyway.

Can we make more than 100 icons for a subject?
It's fine if you go over a little bit from the 100 icons (e.g. if you make a few more than 100 and post them all in your last batch), but generally, 100's the limit.

I've got a claim on the Waiting/Wish List, but I don't religiously keep up with the community's posts. How will I know when the claim is free?
Once a claim becomes free, the next person waiting in line in the Waiting/Wish List will be notified, either through e-mail or through a comment on their LJ.

I've finished making the 100 icons for my claim. What should I do next?
Please reply to the Hall of Fame with your subject and the username you used when you made your claim. You should soon receive a banner and your name will also be listed on the page. Of course you can feel free to claim more subjects if you so please.

In terms of characters, can I claim pairings or ships?
Yes. You can claim any pairing or ship. Whether it be a romantic pairing or a platonic pairing. Just make sure to let me know which when you claim them.

For character claims, can I claim a more general character role, for example, zombies?
Yes. Just make sure they're not all from one specific movie or series.

Can I claim 'a gender' (all male or all female characters) of a certain movie?

Can I claim a general type movie, for example, vampire movies?
Yes. Just make sure you don't end up iconning just one movie.

My claim has been made into a remake, do I have to make icons from both?
No. You can make icons from either the original or the remake. Just make sure you let me know which version you're claiming.
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