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Waiting Claims List

Here is where you claim a subject that has already been claimed if you'd like to icon the subject after the current person is done with their challenge.

I'll keep an organized list of all claims and when your subject frees up, you'll be notified.


- YOU MUST JOIN THE COMMUNITY so that when your turn comes up for the claim I can add you to post. If you're not a member of the community, you will not be notified and your waiting list claim will be removed.

- If you claim a subject here and then that subject is freed up, but you already have two claims on the Subject Claim List, you will be passed over until you finish one of your current claims.

Post with this format...

Your Username:

WAITING LIST (Sorted by movie in alphebetical order)

Tamara: Tamara Riley - sinfultragedies - Jan 15, 2008
Tags: !admin, waiting list
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